Frequently Asked Questions

Does WildGiraffe sell directly to consumers?  No, WildGiraffe only sells to jewelry retailers. If you are a consumer interested in WildGiraffe rings, please contact your local jeweler.

What is the minimum order?  There is NO minimum order for registered retailersmore details

Are there any volume discounts?  Yes, WildGiraffe provides volume discounts, more details

Can I use your product Images?  Yes, we offer images without watermarks, more details

What is the return/exchange policy?  Simple and easy return policy, more details

What countries do you ship to?  All countries worldwide, more details

Can WildGiraffe ship directly to my customers?  Yes, we offer drop ship service, more details

What form of payments do you accept?  All major credit cards and eChecks, more details

How do I track my order?  An email with tracking information will be provide directly after shipment.

Where do I check my store credit balance?  Simply login your account and click "store credit".

How do I use my store credit?  During checkout, it automatically applies any store credits you may have.

Is WildGiraffe a U.S.A based jewelry manufacturer?  Yes, U.S.A. wholesaler & manufacturer, more details

What is stamped on the inside of the rings?  All rings have the metal/material and(or) manufacturer stamp. 

Are the rings comfort fit?  Yes, all rings are rounded on the inside for comfort fit.

If you have any other questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to contact us.